2 Things I (You) Shouldn’t Do Today.

  1. Have no clearly defined, achievable goals: it’s easy to have a myriad of goals and feel like Superman who is a guru at multi-tasking, but I realise that’s why he’s Superman; he’s Superhuman. On the other side of the scale, there’s me (or you); I’m human, I have limits, I like to multitask –or I like to think so- If I want to achieve my ultimate goal, I should be specific, timely and disciplined to follow my plans through; which basically trims down to my daily goals. Instead of listing out 10 people to call today, each for a minute; I’d rather call 3 people and spend ample time talking with them. I won’t plan to finish a whole book today because realistically, I can’t. I know many things call for my attention and some are painfully more important than reading a very good book; some things like writing the first chapter of my first book (second actually), so I’d do myself a lot good by planning to read two chapters of that good book instead. In the end I’d be more excited to know at least 1 person likes me better today than having 8 who barely remember I called, I’d feel fulfilled to know I’m finally penning down the next big thing in my head. Easy really does it.
  2. See 1. Above


What’s on your not-to-do list today?


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