The Easiest Way to be Successful.

You were probably told the surest means to be successful is to work hard… Work until you drop dead, and when you wake up in the next world, keep working.

I’m a huge fan of Chris Guillebeau, the guy who is a whisper away from his lifelong dream to travel around the world– big fan.

I followed a link on his blog and discovered a group of people who transform lives -in some form- with pencils.. Zen Pencils. At the end of his post, Gavin( a pencil guy) narrates his experience with Chris and how the link to his comic ended up on Chris’ blog.

Working hard is not a problem, it’s not the solution either. Perhaps the easiest way to the top is to be friends with those on top.

People are willing to help when they see the value you can offer.

Get your valuable self in the right network.


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