How to Be A Genius

You read an ad that says
‘Make $2000 in a week’

A click away and you are exposed to all kinds of vain promises; the dude at the other end is creative enough to paint you a picture of where you’d be after heeding to his advice.

Scrap that; you are probably too smart to fall for internet scams.

But we see that what really gets our attention is when there’s a value promised; real or perceived. Not necessarily a product, service or brand but something we find fascinating or otherwise horrible.
Something we think might be worth our time, money, commitment, loyalty, comment or perhaps destructive criticisms.

All salespeople are selfish and we are salesmen or women in the long run. It’s just a story but you want people to listen, it’s just a joke but you want your audience to laugh, it’s just a game but you want people to see you win. And that puts you in a position to do something -anything- to get a few people, maybe more, buy into your idea, product or service.

Everybody wants to contribute to something somehow and if you can get some people doing that consistently – in a way nobody does- then you are a step to becoming a genius at something.


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