How would your story end if you were an Adult Mayfly?


I listened to a friend narrate the story of her cousin who slumped down the stairs and died the previous night. She said so many things about this cousin, I could narrate it to someone else like she was my cousin too; or twin sister.

I could picture the last few hours of her life; I could see her bursting with plans for the next year, or the next day. Nobody could have guessed she won’t see that day.

What would she have done if she knew she had a short time to live?

We want all the time in the world but a few hours can sure do a lot. It is enough time to make a change, no matter how small the impact, to make mistakes and learn a lesson, to meet someone new and love again.

The lifespan of an adult mayfly varies from 30 minutes to one day depending on the species.

Many times, we overanalyse things because somewhere in our minds we feel we’ve still got time and too often, we end up not doing them. It’s never a question of what you want to do but how you want to do it. And how soon it should happen.

Your Life Clock Just Ticked.

Do It Now!!!

Do It Now!!!

You have something to do? Do it now! Not an hour later, not even an extra thought. Just do it!

Death won’t send you three missed calls before it comes knocking on your door, someone might narrate your story the next minute, would there be anything significant to say?

So making an impact.. no. stop. That’s too far to happen anytime soon. Go do something now.

How? I can’t tell. You could either be in a bar right now, or in class, at work, with your spouse, or on the beach.. I could care less but make sure you do something right this moment.

Care more, love more, give more, write more, sing more, add more value, create a lasting impact.

Not tomorrow. Now

Note: This is in remembrance of all the friends and families I lost (my entire life) and all the great goals and hopes I let slip away. And to you Zig Ziglar.


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