Can we Just See the Pictures?

I’m angry.

At all the writers who waste precious time, making unnecessary word counts just to slap something new in their readers’ faces (and mine).

You’ve probably read books, articles, magazines that gave the wow effect irrespective of their length or title. And they were not all written by iconic writers we know and hear of.
These very lengthy reads -that you enjoyed- all shared something in common, they told compelling stories; ones that you could feel yourself in.

It’s this simple.

If a picture(s) can tell a better story than your words, put it up for us to see, we’d thank you for it.

Don’t tell us you saw an infographic somewhere that has a compelling story and then try explaining the whole story to us. Once we know an infographic exists with the information you are giving us, we’d be less interested in your finely-honed story – unless you give us a link to its source. Else we’d only…

…Scroll down to the bottom of your page just to fulfill ‘reading’ righteousness.

We don’t mind spending eternity understanding the pictures we see, that’s the beauty in it, but too many words that won’t make us feel alive? No thanks, pictures please.


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