A Time to be a Loud Mouth

We are in that era where branding no longer takes the upper hand in promoting anything…
We’ve all put our noses to the grindstone, just to get someone or a few people talk about us – however we do that and in whatever sense- and many times it seems nobody is looking or listening.
Outstanding brands are good things to have because they buy the emotions of people, and that’s part of the many reasons we do content marketing, ads, blogs, press releases, newsletters, social media promotions or even door to door publicity of our work if it becomes necessary. But the flipside of this coin is that we are doing all of these alongside many other people who want their products or services sold.

You get the point.
Being loud about a brand used to be a job for just salespersons and marketers. Now? That has spread to every individual willing to be known for something.

It takes more than word of mouth or 3 strong references on your resume, it takes more than being an expert at something or the creative director in your team; it sure takes having something great to offer- something worth wrapping people’s memories, it takes subtracting from complexities over and over again, it takes choosing to break rules creatively, it takes being more real in your seemingly compelling stories and possibly becoming vulnerable enough to give up control for your subordinates to take initiatives.
You can bet this isn’t a new discovery, we are probably just more forgetful than we think.


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