A Year Round Trip for Writers.

trainI really wanted to skip the Christmas and new year talk on this blog since everyone is doing it, but the thought and urge keeps coming back, I give in.

Since this is the time when people start thinking of how and where certain things fit into their lives, I am thinking about moving my writing few notches higher in 2014 2013.  It’ll be nice to go it solo but more fun to have people join me on this trip. Basically, you should if you want to write better in 2013. A few tips to help.

Do the envisioning. We all do it. I’ve seen future me writing sparks that’ll intimidate history. But just so it doesn’t remain a picture in my small head, I’m doing the working part too. I set a target of 1000 words daily; both for this blog and the other writing commitments I’m into.

Frankly, I’ve tried it for 4 days now; first day -with all enthusiasm- I wrote 189 words. Second day; nil, zip, nada. Third day – 800 words, and today; probably 800 too. My heart hasn’t dropped yet seeing the results but I’ll probably pinch myself to allow more room for discipline.

Do the envisioning again. That’s a better step I think. Many times we just see the big picture once and then forget about our goals after a few failures. Failing is never sweet, especially if you love to always get things right. Failing just reminds me I’m human and that’s sweet. So I’ve learnt to embrace failure sometimes, not because I want it, but because it tells me I’m headed somewhere. I woke up on day 3 to remind myself I want to be a better writer in 2013, it’s one of the few things I’ll focus on in 2013. No 20 new year resolutions this time, just a few and I’ll be good.

Usually, plans fail. I guess they are only meant to guide you through your workings to becoming a better you. You plan, it fails, you make another plan to continue and the cycle goes on until you form a stable working system. That’s how great companies run. Ask Richard Branson.

Keep doing the envisioning. Even as I work hard to reach my goal of writing better in 2013, I’ll keep seeing myself do it right, the way others will admire. This process is likened to the cues and rewards effect in psychology of habits. If I keep seeing myself be that fabulous writer, it’ll get me sticking to my goals of 1000 words daily. It’ll also get me learning how to do it better- in what style and how best I can express my personality.

Feel free to join me on this train; it’ll be a long fun ride. And don’t wait till 2013 before you start, you’ll miss the train. Happy Holidays by the way.



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