Quick “easy” Tips to Write Better in 2013

First, a few questions.

How often do you write?

Do you allocate time to write?

How easy (or difficult) is this on you?

Why are you writing at all?

To answer all these questions correctly, you’d most likely cut through these 3 key hints.

– writing like any other art, is an attitude, and it requires discipline. If writing is what you love to do, you should naturally be thinking of how to do more, and better. Start a blog if that’ll keep you committed, take up freelance jobs if you have to, try write a book you have no intentions to publish. If you can see yourself do one of these excellently – the kind of job you mostly won’t get paid for, or paid well – you are a step ahead in the learning curve.

– Most reports reveal that highly productive people take breaks on interval, after 90 minutes of focused work; and research tells us nobody writes more than 4 hours daily. You’ll achieve more in less time if you give yourself a goal and a deadline, then break it down to much simpler goals. You can try to write 200 words every 90 minutes, take a short break and then do another 200.. On and on till you hit your big goal of 500 words per day (in my case, 1000).

– I read mostly in the mornings and midday, I write best after I read. This is so because I forget things easily – I skip important events and activities when I don’t jot them down somewhere – anywhere – and I write from the things I read to let them stick. You could call my mild amnesia a weakness but it has improved my writing greatly, what’s important is knowing what (and when) works best for you. That way, you don’t pay lip service to the art you love.

These are not easy things to do, that writing is a passion makes it even more difficult to do because we are naturally carefree with the things we think we know how to do.
Passion and interest are different things, both of which should fall under the self-discipline umbrella to produce the stellar results you are hoping for.

If you want to write better in 2013, just write. And keep at it diligently.


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