Here’s Why Cinderella Should Wear Boots. And Some Good News.

Cinderalla would look good in this..

Cinderalla would look good in this..

I love shoes. A whole lot. Ranging from designers like Gucci to Bend-down-select, as long as they can make heads turn 360 degrees if I go round the room, I don’t care where they come from. I love comfort too, a lot more than shoes.

I’m naturally very energetic; I could dive into a pool forgetting to wear the proper outfit or jump right in the middle of the road dancing gangnam style before I realize a bus is about running me over.

The popular proverb that says “only the man ( lady in this case) who wears shoes knows where it hurts” quite misses it contextually because it’s a lot more for ladies; sometimes those shoes literally bite our toes off.  Ladies, you get me.

I can vaguely remember Cinderella wearing boots as the ill-treated damsel in near distress, and she looked cool to me; besides, the prince loved her before he needed the shoes to trace her.

If she wore boots to the ball, it would have been a total social faux-pas – complete disaster, picture some of the invited lady-guests leaving in utter disgust and shock. I could care less in Cinderella’s boots because I know guys are more attracted to ladies who try not to fit in, especially when they do it creatively and with confidence; the prince and other male guests present would at best make efforts to hide their grins, quite surprised however but would give her a standing ovation in their heads seeing a fine damsel breakout from the norm; nothing short of – oh..well – sexy. Weird is the new sexy…

I believe you have a different and perhaps better reason. The good news is, you may write your reasons into a new job as it’s a criterion for this job advertised in Ynaija. Are you up for this? You have the permission to complete my story or give it a fresh twist. Goodluck.


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