Snippets of my Thoughts. Listen.

Out with my friends in what we call a Food camp (an eatery or restaurant if you will) . For a moment, it seemed I was having the time of my life. I really was. But past the smiles were wide dry eyes filled with agony and all bad emotions wrapped in one..

My work-life balance is really tanking at the moment. As it appears, I’m gradually getting tired of commitments – friendship, relationships.. art, life. I’m fine. I think I am.

To try stay sane amidst all these crises, I have my bible- the one I live by; and then I have the other bible – the one I created for myself, I get to change it however I like. Some people call it Journal or Diary – sure, not bad – but I call it my other bible because it reminds me to do something larger than myself, it spurs me to be more than I think of myself, it reminds me how much relationships matter, it helps me rediscover love when it’s lost. It sure keeps me from spiraling down the stairs of life.

There’s more to tell, but I just completed a 24-hour race in the circle of life, I’m gunning for the ‘Stay alive’ award, we all are.

But I’ll be glad to kiss the cup for ‘making a difference’ . I guess that’s where living starts at all.


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