Why Blogs Fail

Statistics show that 3 million blogs become redundant every year and I hate to be part of that number. I blog for a living, but as a content manager for a Jobs website; understandably, blogging is part of my life, if not all of it yet. © Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporation

Focus is not a buzzword.

Many experienced bloggers cry about this and it is the first thing I can place a finger on. So many blogs fail for lack of focus, mine for example is treading that path.I want to write like many authors I admire – Seth Godin, Penelope Trunk, Chris Brogan and a host of others, I have no idea who I should be writing to. I want to write about blogging, writing, public speaking, personal experiences, address corporate issues, hence the name Soapbox served as a silhouette for the real purpose of the blog – I just wanted to say something, anything at all.

You could stumble upon my blog and have no clue what your long term benefit would be. In a moment, you’d find a post or two interesting enough to keep you reading but you’d most likely not find a reason to come back. Those who come back are either your friends or people who just have so much time to spare. Only focus on one thing if you want to be taken seriously.

Consistency is a skill.

This is one big mountain-sized (forgive my tautology) problem. I am more of a speak than act person, if you’d know, I have spent hours thinking about this post and more hours trying to write it. I find editing more interesting than writing, I like to get in the dirt and do the finishing touches but writing is pain – I speak for myself – I get bored that quick.

I understand that for myself and I am patient enough to put up with me but everybody is busy trying to be a better version of themselves, so I had better get my s#!+ together and make sure people keep coming back to find something new to read. Every time.

You are just not that good.

Read guest post guidelines for Forbes or the Harvard Business Review and you’d be weak in the knees as an amateur writer. A lot of work goes into those top-notch-squeaky-clean blogs and websites; it’s not a lofty dream to have your blog run like that but if you are unwilling to bend backwards over to do a good job then forget it. Friends would come for a while and stop when they don’t find anything interesting to read. It’s that simple. Always give yourself nothing short of the best and outdo that the next time. Even the best articles online are scanned through. So sit up.


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