Things I Hate About Me.

I’m starting to believe I’m more of an editor than a writer, as a matter of experience, that’s what I am. I can’t string sentences together for a long time and so I find ways to skip that process, but I love to re-structure sentences and I have a knack for hitting the backspace key while I type.
That said, I’m also worried about so many things – my blog to start with. It lacks focus, it starves of content and attention, both from user and owner end. Sad.

It’s 6:40pm and I’m having a large bowl of oatmeal filled with tiny (dead of course) ants. I’m too hungry to be disgusted at the sight of it. I’m lazy, I’ve been this way since school days, I suddenly became an expert in procrastinating, I wonder if there’s a job that requires this skill.

I’m really falling behind the learning curve; I want to learn to speak French and German, I read tirelessly on how to work more productively but that doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’ll call this laziness thing a disease, I never used to be this way.

I have a laundry list of many other things I’m worried about but just to be clear, I doubt my blog will ever regain focus, maybe when I’m in my late 20s, I’d come up with something scalable but not now. I feel too inadequate to get things done. I’m terrible at following things up, I love coming up with excuses for my failures.
I had the title of this post as “I give up”, but in the process of writing, I figured it won’t make any sense to you; because I actually still care about my readers.

So I’m taking after Penelope, she breaks a vital blogging rule – of NOT making it ONLY about yourself. She talks on and on about herself, even though she has a way to fit it into a real-life situation. But that’s what makes a good blog post, writing from a unique angle is one thing and bringing in your reader however you do it is another (and the most important). It’s like a 3D experience for the reader, and we know 3D movies are more intriguing. Never leave your reader hanging.

I want to make my blog lively again, so I’m thinking – maybe I should stick to what I know how to do best – not because I have a talent in it; but because I spent years practicing to do it on a daily basis; I kept a journal of my life through 5 years and an additional two years on and off. You simply become what you practice.

I madly want to be an entrepreneur but I fit more into the ideapreneuur group – which by my definition is someone who thinks up an idea and ships it to someone else for implementation, Ross Bailey has a somewhat different opinion.
I spent half my day trying to pull through a lecture on Udemy – I slept halfway – perhaps my body thought it another movie ( I sleep off watching movies).
I have ideas flying in my head – vague, clear, stupid, stupid, fair; all these wrapped in one small head.
I’m reading about ADD and ADHD, I got tired of seeing it in articles online and not having the slightest clue what they mean,- I considered this distraction a good thing – curiosity fuels creativity after all. Practice does too, research does even better.

Creativity is about  connecting things so that justifies why I can read almost anything and find keen interest in almost anything. I mean, I fell in love with finance topics after a long ride with a friend who narrated his experience working with an investment bank.

I realise I have written more than I expected but I’m not surprised because this feels like I’m writing in my journal and I’m lost in it. You do better at what you love, especially if it solves a problem.

I have that propensity to lose steam with one project the minute another idea hits me.

I need app ideas, I need business ideas, I need money ideas, I need to learn new words because I don’t consider myself fluent in the English Language – I’m simply light years behind in all of these and I feel like the world has moved on. I’m freaking out I don’t know how to end this article with a punchline so I run to Problogger for help. And yes, content aggregation is another form of blogging you should try if you don’t like to write but want to run a blog like me. Ian Carnevale does it right.

I don’t feel bad writing about myself because I assume you clicked this title to read about me. A good writer never misleads his readers.


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