About me

DSC_4210 I am Adejoke Adekunle.

Professionally, I’m a  freelance Copy Editor and Writer but outside my work-life is one pretty boring woman who has an addiction for comedy and loves to meet people.

I’m currently the Content Manager of Jobberman.com  and that includes the  The Jobberman blog.
My primary responsibility is to create and curate content for the foremost Nigerian Jobs website – this covers; press releases, product sales pages, advertising content, media content… basically anything contently on Jobberman.com except the job ads – there’s a whole team of interesting folks committed to that.  I enjoy  promoting our products in ways our clients won’t find annoying.

Prior my Jobberman experience, I had worked with several Not-for-profits, like inxpire.com and Believers’ Campus Fellowship as Project Manager and Head of Publications respectively.

I’m internet savvy, with a budding interest in mobile technology; I’m presently building a mobile app with a team of freelance designers and developers – it’s something to look out for.

I am also Hubspot Inbound Certified.
A significant experience in 2013 was my gig with TEDxIfe where I volunteered as the online media head. I’m proud to say we trended on Twitter despite the event only admitted 100 participants.

I love ideas; fresh, intimidating, overwhelming, downright stupid – there’s a divine experience that comes with connecting things to solve a problem, especially when you are in the driver seat.

I’m a huge fan of public speaking and social media; you’ll always find me active on one of them and trying to catch up on the latest social media trend, to a fair extent I know what works and what doesn’t.
I anchored several events as a student and I still run a few related howbeit small projects.

These are some other clients I worked (or still work) with:
acumen-logo-fulloja ara may logoIMG-20130423-WA000Creavenslogo

P.S – My friends tell me I look like a Rabbit. *Shrug*


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