The Beginning.

ok… well.. not exactly, but this is my first ever ‘craziest’ decision. starting and running a blog had always been a dream but I never thought it’d happen this way. I often hear people talk about dramatic decisions and changes in their lives but I seldom pointed that finger at myself. As I type away, I think of one lesson I just learnt about life; you never really plan for everything, you won’t always be prepared for some things. It’s life’s way of testing how flexible you can be. sometimes, it’s just best to accept those things you can’t change, find opportunities where no one ever looked and thrive on them. It may not make sense to you in the beginning; I attest to this fact because I’m enjoying this bit already, even though I’m still dazed by my action, but as you move on you discover the beautiful things lying beneath the ugly surface. Not everything has to start out well. Ok I’d save the ‘proverbs’ for another time. It’s nice; to be here, to have you here and I hope to meet you soonest!


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